Denim: The forever classic! Here’s why?

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Since its origin, denim has been timeless and one of the most popular clothing around the world. Denim is the go-to garment for various social and work situations. No matter the occasion you are dressing up for, maybe it is a party, work, or casual outing, denim is forever classic. All age groups love denim for its comfort and great styling.  A broad range of clothing options,  from accessories to clothing denim is ruling the fashion industry and people are flaunting it everywhere. Denim has become a fashion staple for every individual, irrespective of gender, age, and status on the economic ladder. The origin of denim fabric was in the mid-1800s in the city of Genoa, Italy. But gained popularity in the late-1900s. With time, the demand for denim is growing day by day. In 1853, denim became famous when Levi Strauss opened a store in San Francisco, where he sold outfits designed out of denim. Soon Levi Strauss began to produce denim pants which evolved from something worn by men to a mainstream fashion product. Denim will always be classic and versatile, but the design and fabric technology will always progress with time.

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What is Denim fabric?

Denim is a strong fabric weaved using the twill weave. The weft threads of the fabric go below one or more warp threads. The diagonal ribbing within the fabric makes it distinct from other strong woven fabrics just like denim. Previously, denim outfits were available only in indigo, however with the evolving change in trend and fashion nowadays, it is available in various colors. Denim can’t be scraped off easily and the color is fast to wash.

Have you ever wondered exactly what makes denim such a popular choice? Why is it always in fashion? There are just a few of the reasons that are discussed below why denim is forever classic.

  • Durability

Denim is a strong fabric due to its twill weaving pattern. Denim has incredible strength that makes it a durable piece of long-lasting fabric. This is the reason why many working-class men and women took notice of these pants, and added them to their wardrobes. It can be used for years and years without compromising the appearance of the garment. A 100% genuine denim benefits the fabric’s unique strength and longevity fully. The durability of denim is another way to check its authenticity.

  • 2. Comfort

Regardless of the season, weather, or month, denim outfits provide all-year-round comfort. The physical properties of denim provide a balanced level of insulation that is neither too hot nor too cold, thus making it an all-rounder.  Hence, there are no worries to be season-specific while selecting denim for your collection. With comfort, denim clothes make you look more confident and help stand out from the crowd. To get the best fit and feel comfortable for your body, there are different styles of jeans available that have been created with extra care and consideration. Highly active people can wear stretch jeans that allow them to bend and move their bodies more easily, without the restraint of traditional denim.

  1. Low Maintenance

Denim outfits are easy to maintain because a simple wash after countless numbers of wear works great. You can also notice clean spots on denim and become cosier and more comfortable as it gets older. With minimum effort, you can revitalize the appearance of your denim. Jeans are easy to care for and require very little other than occasional washing and drying. It is suggested to wash your jeans only when they are dirty. Surface stains on denim outfits can often be removed simply by blotting the affected area with a warm washcloth and a small amount of laundry detergent.

  1. Easy to style

Denim is easy to style and can be worn with trendy to formal styles. Denim gives you the freedom to consider any style you wish to carry. With a variety of denim options, everyone, from work people to trendy youth can flaunt unlimited styles. It can pair with any outfit and any fabric. Jeans are simple yet stylish and incredibly easy to match with other garments. The outfit can go for any occasion, big or small, casual or formal. Business casual attire often calls for dark-colored jeans for a more formal appearance. But whether you are attending a business meeting or just running into town to do errands, you can always pick up any denim outfit.

  1. Good for comfort

Denim is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, making it good for the environment. The denim fabric can be crumbled down to use in producing other denim products.

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